Top sex toys for the young and active individual

As far as our needs go, sex may not be like food or oxygen but it is still a necessity. Physiologically speaking from an evolutionary point of view, sexual intercourse is important for our species' survival. We as human beings may think of it as a taboo sometimes (in many different cultures) but it is a natural thing to do. It is much needed for the propagation of our species as otherwise, we will be digging the hole for our own grave in the near future. With that out our minds, we wish you to introduce to some stuff that could spice up your sex life or began a new one with an amazing start. As ladies come first (pun intended), we will talk about their toys first. Please do remember while these toys can be used by the much older individuals, the recommendations were written with young adults in mind.
Here we go ladies:
We probably now that you are very keen on finding the best toy there is for you to reach climax. We know that intimacy is of the essence when you want to have the ultimate and the most satisfying orgasm. Your man or woman (if that is your thing) will not be able to do it alone.
Woman orgasmic response isn't that easy, which is very unlike men. Men are able to reach their climax faster and have a refractory period, comparative to women. On the other hand, women can take a lot of time to reach their orgasmic peak and many of them do not have a refractory period. The women who do have a refractory period, it is not that long. A refractory period is a time taken to recover from orgasm and in this period one cannot orgasm again. Women have a tendency to have an orgasm again after they have reached their climax or resolution of an orgasm. The women who want to reach their orgasmic peak need to be physically in the game but also emotionally too. Now, this can take up a lot of time. Yes, we did say that ladies come first but it was just for making a pun. Some men (or women) may even be clueless on how to find their women's sweet spot and hit it.
The partners need to be either experienced or they need to bring a lot to the table. Bringing a lot can also mean lots of sex toys. Different types of toys can help women reach their orgasmic peak even when they are not with someone (as in they are pleasuring themselves). Whatever the case, reaching the resolution of an orgasm of women is easy when there is help from certain sex toys, which can help them reach the climax. This is why in the next section, we describe some of the best sex toys available with us and how some of them can be suitable for your women or you (if you are a woman).
Sex toys for ladies:
Clitoral Stimulation:
As an introduction to these sex toys, we'll first talk about the toys which are there for the clitoral stimulation. This type is specially made for the stimulation of the clitoris, the part of a woman's vagina that has the most innervation of sexually charged nerves. Around 70 to 80 percent of women have to feel their orgasm or reach them this way as in; with their clitoral stimulation. Down below are some of the sex toys that can help women reach climax through clitoral stimulation.

Magic Force - Magic Wand:
This one is one of the best Vibrators that we have got. The reason behind this honor is that it has an extraordinary ability to have a woman reach her orgasmic peak in a matter of seconds. This is all possible due to its ability to create around 5000 to 6000 vibrations per minute. One can reach 5000 vibrations on a low setting and 6000 in a high setting. The low setting, by all means, is perfect for the usual way of reaching the orgasm but if you want speed then the high setting will be perfect. It boasts consistent, instant and multiple arousals for the woman user. An intimate partner can help insert it in the vaginal opening of their women and it can easily be inserted by the woman user herself. Its vibrations are especially focused on the pointy clitoris on the outer lining of the vaginal wall but can also work up the other parts of the vagina where it can provide its service.

G-Spot Clitoris Stimulator and 10-mode Vibrator :
This two in one sex toy is the best thing to have for your women or if you are a woman then for yourself. The two in one craziness of this machine help you or your women reach the levels of orgasm that you have never seen before. Now, this is saying something for something that is a machine but you do not worry as it will be satisfactory for the user.
You do not have to worry because the machine is a monster at what it does for you (if a woman) or your woman. It has got a tongue-shaped vibrator at the lower part of the machine. This will hit up your clitoral nerves to induce your clitoral induced contractions and will also hit simultaneous G-spot contractions (inside the vagina). The G-spot will be hit by the phallus-shaped the upper part of the machine. This will bring the user of the machine into an orgasmic frenzy.

Womanizer Premium Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator:
Once you have this piece of a premium stimulator, you may not need physical contact but just you (if you are a woman), a romantic mood, some candles and a bed. This one might be a little expensive but is worth the money spent. This can bring the climax straight out of the dreams of the user to the user, in a matter of minutes. What we are saying is that it will essentially give you the power to have your own orgasms. Well, the technology in it is able to give you incredible power over your own vagina (if the person reading this is indeed a woman).
This all becomes possible through the adjustment of this smart device that will bring you to orgasmic levels that are unforeseen before. The intensity of the device can go from calm pleasure to high power without you even touching the device. This is possible through it realizing what to make the user feel through adjusting to the inside environment of the vagina. This will be like having a partner who does know what to do and when to do it.

G-Spot Stimulation:
Its existence may be contested in the science world but a lot of women say otherwise. Additionally, many researchers even do support the existence of this endogenous zone known to be near or in the middle of the vagina. This is why the sex toys industry tries to emulate the kind of shape that may help you or your partner reach the sweet G-spot. Down below are some of the stimulant products that we are selling.
California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet:
This one is for those who want to have some California fun. This is because it provides a three-speed differential fun for the user. The speed is adjustable and the top of the machine is tapered to give a vagina better feel. The tapered top of the product is able to provide the user with a feel of the real thing. The flickering teaser on the lower part of the machine provides a 10 function switch which lets you change the activities of the machine like escalation, pulsation and vibration. The vibration works very well for the G-spot of the user.
Moreover, it has got a memory chip which lets the user assume the last function used in the previous session. Additionally, this one is also traveling friendly for the use as it is equipped with a travel lock too. This way someone else isn't able to use (Why the hell someone else would use it though?).

Multi-Function Silicone Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator:
Multi-function is the key to reaching a multi-faceted G-spot orgasm. Orgasm can be a complex game to play with women and one should have a lot of arsenal up her or his sleeve. Do not worry if you do not know how to orgasm your partner or yourself (if you are a woman). This one will provide multiple ways to overcome the orgasmic obstacles which will not only satisfy the feelings of the user and will also do yours too.
Moreover, this machine is not made like a usual sex toy. This comes in high quality and is elegantly shaped while also has a comfortable shape for the user. This is not us saying something like this, lightly. And we mean it. Get this one if you want a class with your pleasure. The frequency of change in this machine will bring you the best kind of pleasurable feelings for the user of this machine.

These are the usual and much less expensive toys for women. The thing about this product is that it is simple. Its simplicity is what makes it way better. With less money spent, one is able to satisfy the feelings one might be feeling the same way one does with a vibrator. Granted more work will be done this way but perhaps this is why the user is able to feel the effects the user craves. There are different types of dildos available. There are realistic-looking ones and there are also wearable ones. Extra large ones with sizes extending to 9' Inches in size are there too. Additionally, there are the ones that come some kind of vibration in them.

Now it's time for some offerings available for men:
Men have higher needs in terms of libido and to get off from the pressures of life. Male counterparts of the human species tend to have higher needs and their needs are pretty straightforward too. This is why they also seek sex and masturbation more avidly. When it comes it masturbation, we are capable of helping a guy sate his needs.
Male Masturbator Aircraft Cup for Man Sex Electric Air Sucking:
Mind it, there is no knowing when a man's desire to do it comes running. It doesn't care if it is night and day, the feeling of rubbing it comes without any delay. In this case, this male stroker, which is conveniently shaped like a vagina is the best thing for masturbation. Additionally, it is compact, so therefore it can be hidden in a briefcase and also a drawer. From the back of it is open so that cleaning can take place but for suction can it also be closed.

Vulcan Love Skin, Masturbator Tight Vagina:
This one is made like a tight vagina and is even texturized like one. Additionally, this male stroker is also water-proof. This means it can also be used in a shower to have a wet form of relaxing climax.

Super Soft Silicone C-Ring:
A C-ring encapsulates a penis to help it reach a better and longer form of orgasm. This way the orgasms can also be intense in the women's orgasms are. It might not help reach that level (if you are a man) but it certainly will lead you to something close to it. Try it and enjoy taking a load off!

Final Words:
We at Harmony look forward to you to have a look around then do some shopping from us. The things that are mentioned in this blog are just the tip of the iceberg and therefore, you must see the whole store. It has a menagerie of sex toys that can help anybody bring their most impossible sexual desires to life. One product from us is enough to take our customer to newer heights of orgasm. This will only be possible if you do visit and do some shopping. Afterward, a trial will be necessary to see it works (we guarantee that all of our products will, even the simple ones).